Our clients need not bother about anything; we will provide the resources needed for conducting the exam.

Morpho device

It is a device that can capture digital fingerprints and signatures before the examination. We use this device for verification, enrollment, and identification of students through biometrics.


In an online examination computer is mandatory as it is a computer-based test. This reduces the need for question papers and answer scripts. Thus, we provide the best quality computers for every student with the best internet facility.


We have a team of experienced invigilators who will keep an eye on every student during examinations. They take care that no unfair activities could happen in the examination hall.


Exam software is a set of equipment that is manufactured to facilitate and supervise several tasks involved in conducting exams. We use the latest software for assessment examinations.

CCTV Cameras

We provide CCTV cameras in offline examination to avoid cheating and other unnecessary actions. On the other hand, for an online exam, there will be a setup of a webcam to avoid such activities.