Proctors are the person who supervises candidates taking an exam and the main aim of the proctor is to keep an eye on the candidates in an exam whether they are cheating, using any unfair means, or manipulating the exam in any way. Simply, they are the ones who monitor tests and exams. Thus, for this, we provide manpower who will take care of this in the examinations whether it is an online or offline exam.


In an online examination, we give remote supervisors who use online monitoring software and video streaming for supervising the exam. We use online proctoring software for tracking the activity of the candidates during the exam and we do this by using the candidate’s computer screen, webcam, and microphone. Here, AI (Artificial Intelligence) plays a vital role, and we use it to record every detail by analyzing the activities of candidates. In offline exams, we provide proctors who monitor tests and exams accurately.

Types of Proctoring:

  • Live Online Proctoring– In this type of proctoring an experienced proctor monitors the students, audio-video, and screen share feeds in real-time. A proctor can look after more than 30 students at a time; it depends on the service providers.


  • Recorded Proctoring– In this, the audio, video, and screen share feed of students are recorded during the test. It is the work of our proctor to playback these recordings in a fast-forwarded way and red-flags any suspicious activity through annotations. This type of proctoring needs manpower to review the recordings properly.


Advanced Automated Proctoring– It is the most advanced form of proctoring where the audio, video, and screen share of the students are recorded during the examination. Also, the system keeps an eye on the feeds of students for the possibilities of any suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics. Students cannot do any such activity as it also uses face recognition to do student authentication.